About us

Who we are?

I am Victoria, mother of three children, I have been working in the field of education for more than 16 years and I am constantly looking for new teaching methods for kids and adults.

My passion for ballet has inspired me to open in 2014 the first ballet school in Romania for children aged 2 and upwards, which uses Montessori and Waldorf-inspired methods. Apart from acquiring ballet techniques and abilities, at the Victoria Dance Academy we are also interested in the emotional and social development of children and young people, essential for their harmonious growth.

The ambiance during classes supports the close connection between students and teacher, which stimulates children to freely and creatively express themselves, without fear of making mistakes and also helps with a healthy and durable self-esteem.

Our mission

Strongly believing that movement and physical training have an essential role in one’s life starting form early childhood, our teachers emphasize the importance of each student’s personal growth. Children and youngsters are encouraged to express themselves creatively and form a healthy self-esteem.

We offer students the possibility to develop confidence and self-esteem: with each new step, acquired technique and performance, children grow a sense of fulfilment.

We encourage children and teenagers to find what motivates them to evolve and commit on a long term to their physical education. Our dance and music tutors don’t offer rewards to maintain children’s interest.

Modern methods

The teachers at the Victoria Dance Academy use modern, fun, and interactive teaching methods. Ballet techniques are introduced by way of stories and games, purposely designed to catch their attention and stimulate their creativity. Such methods include the “fly of the swan” and the “ball’s jump”, each accompanied by music.

The approaches used by our teachers enhance self-esteem and self-confidence in students. The steps, techniques and performances offer a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

Our team

Adina Bădică

Professional and nonprofessional ballet teacher

Victoria Daschevici


Anne Marye Sima

Professional and nonprofessional ballet teacher

Daiana Ionela Popescu

Professional and nonprofessional ballet teacher

Bianca Ioana Mircea

Professional and nonprofessional ballet teacher

Alexandra Mihaela Ilie

Ballet & Professional and nonprofessional contemporary dance teacher

Rose Marie Bot

Professional ballet and methodological coordinator

Florin Chiritescu

Professional ballet; Professional and nonprofessional flamenco teacher

Galina Bobeicu

Contemporary and folk dance teacher

Katolina Stroe

Piano, violin, professional and nonprofessional singing teacher

Hurja Diana Petronela

Piano and singing teacher

Catalina Postolache

Piano and singing teacher

Luiza Ghinda

Acting teacher

Răzvan Păun

Piano and violin teacher

Timeea Andreea Crăiță

Piano teacher


Maria's mum
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Me and my daughter are thrilled with the ballet classes here. My daughter likes working with Victoria and always takes pleasure in attending classes. What I appreciate the most is that the teachers are not using rewards or punishments as their methods and that children learn through play.
Ana's mum
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Ana loves ballet. She has a correct and graceful posture due to lessons, dances ballet at home and listens to the music she dances to in classes. The location is convenient. We also like the shows performed at the end of modules which both us, parents, as well as grandparents look forward to.
Diana's mum
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Me and my daughter Diana are happy to attend the ballet courses. What we like the most is that it’s not just ballet, but each dance is a story of magic and grace in itself. Teachers use kindness as their main teaching tool. The location is very convenient, easy to get to. We also appreciate the mini-library in the waiting room.