Dance Courses

Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance is a modern form of dance which combines multiple dance styles: modern dance, hip-hop, classical dance and jazz. Contemporary dance is characterized by flexibility, mind-body connection, fluid movements, and a stress on improvisation and versatility, unlike traditional ballet styles. Kids from the age of 4 and adults can take this course.

Modern dance

Dance is probably the most entertaining physical activity for children, which helps them have a sense of belonging to a group, be more responsible, work at their communication skills and obey rules, but which also has important physical effects: dance improves muscle strength, balance, coordination and memory. This course is designed for kids between the age of 4-14.

Street dance

If your child’s age is between 7 and 16, this course is for him/her. Street dance is a very attractive dance style especially for young people, and the classes combine moves adapted for each age.

Gymnastics and acrobatic dance

Gymnastics classes for kids ages 4-14 combine coordination and mobility exercises. This course helps children grow a flexible body, build a nice posture and at the same time become more responsible, respect their body and its limits, create a sense of team work and become more perseverant.


The flamenco course is designed for adults who wish to experience force. We will learn the rhythm, basic steps and choreography of flamenco. Flamenco is not simply a dance, but a culture.


Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise developed at the beginning of the 20th c. by Joseph Pilates in Germany. This method focuses on controlling the muscles with one’s mind. This course is for adults. Pilates exercises stress the importance of conscious breathing, cervical alignment, core toning.

Pilates course for mother and baby

If you have recently become a mother and your body needs help to recover its shape, this course is for you. Pilates classes increase muscles tone and you can also keep the baby with you, thus satisfying its needs (feeding, sleep and play). You can start having these classes with the 6th week after giving birth

Wedding dance

Your wedding dance is your story using dance steps. A graceful and harmonious way of starting one’s life as a couple. Your wedding dance will be elegant and refined and will express emotion and happiness. The choreography is created individually seeking your own emotions and specific body moves. The music is chosen by you or with our help.