Ballet courses

Nonprofessional ballet for children and young people

Ballet training from early age helps children have a correct posture, ensures a harmonious growth of the body, builds up and tonifies the muscles, improves flexibility. This class is designed for children ages 2-16 years old.

Professional ballet

The dream of being a ballet dancer becomes reality only with lots of work. For this we have designed the academic ballet course for kids ages 9-16. This course comprises 3 or more classes a week and is designed and held by certified teachers, trained in forming future ballet dancers.

Ballet for adults

You are invited to share in the joy of classical dance. Ballet classes for adults are purposely designed so you can feel as a ballet dancer, and even have roles in shows.

Ballet Fitness

This class aims at tonifying the body, with ballet exercises designed for full-body muscular strength.

Ballet for mother and child

This class is created for kids ages 5-10 years old and their mothers. Dance helps create a deeper connection between mother and child and improves team work skills.

Piano and singing lessons for kids and adults

Piano and singing lessons have multiple benefits for children, the abilities music practice forms being useful in one’s school life as well as in one’s adult life. This course is addressed to children from the age of 4 and adults who wish to develop their creative side.